This is just a quick post to let anyone who is still following know that we’re still doing well over here, and at the moment I’m posting from a B&B in the heart of Tuscany, Italy (Toscana to the locals). I’m on a painfully slow dial-up connection, as the Italians apparently haven’t discovered hi-speed Internet yet. I have a report to make from my trip a week and a half ago to Brussels, Belgium where some co-workers and we stumbled upon the ‘Weekend of Beer’ festival. But more exciting, though, was an opportunity that popped up mid-last week for me to travel with Alisha’s european team as the driver/mechanic for a whole week of racing in Germany and Italy. We spent last weekend in Nurnburg, Germany for a quick World Cup race, then spend a day driving through Germany, Austria, and into Tuscany, where we are now. We’ve made it through 4 stages of racing so far with 3 left to go by Sunday when the race ends in Florence. We’ll hop aboard a night train to get back to Munich so I can go into the office on Monday, then hopefully we’ll find the time to make more updates (with lots of pictures!) soon there-after.